New Henry County Sheriff

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Henry County is already seeing some changes come to its sheriff's office since new Sheriff Will Maddox took over a little more than a week ago.

Henry County Sheriff Will Maddox may be new to his position, but he hasn't wasted any time in moving things around. He took over the department January 15th, and since then has filled chief deputy position that's been vacant for two years.

Hired an investigator and part-time investigator, and is now looking to reinstate the K-9 unit.

Sheriff Maddox says his number one objective is to start cracking down on the amount of drug use and drug trafficking in the county.

"I know we probably can't stop them, but we can sure knock a dent in them and make them start looking over their shoulder," says Maddox.

Sheriff Maddox says you can expect to see more of these cars on the streets enforcing all laws. That includes traffic violations.

"I've turned them loose. I told them I wanted all the law in Alabama enforced. That's one thing that made them happy. They are enforcing speed, stopping at stop signs, all traffic laws," says Maddox.

Maddox has been in law enforcement in Henry County for 26 years. Prior to filling the sheriff position, he was worked as the conservation officer for the county.

Tim Stafford was promoted from patrol officer to chief deputy. Patrol Officer Steve Culbreth was moved to investigator. Retired Marine Police Lt. Roger Marsh was hired as part-time investigator.

The department is now looking to make Troy Silver the new canine officer. That move should come around mid-February.