Save-A-Pet Trailer

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The city of Dothan is asking Sav-A-Pet to close its doors. City officials and police feel the Sav-A-Pet office building poses liabilities and threats.

It's a single-wide trailer that sits in between the Dothan Animal Shelter and the Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity.

Inside, there is office space, a rest area, and a bedroom for when animal rescue volunteers and veterinarians come from out of state.

However, the trailer, which is used primarily by Sav-A-Pet volunteers, won't be there.

Barbi Nolan of Save-A-Pet said, "Chief Powell eventually refuses to negotiate. He wants it moved. Honestly with all the issues going on here right now, this is a battle we simply choose not to fight."

The trailer sits on city property, which means if someone were hurt, in our around it, the city would be held responsible.

Or, if the trailer were damaged, the owner, which is not Sav-A-Pet, could sue the city.

Dothan Police Chief John Powell says in December of last year, city officials thought it would be in the best interest if the trailer were moved.

The city then offered to buy out the title to the trailer, but let Sav-A Pet continue to use it.

Sav-A-Pet responded with a list of its wants. The police chief says the city was not able to meet those demands and now the trailer must be gone by February 1st.

"It's not a battle that we're going to put our energy into. If he wants it moved we'll move it," said Nolan.

If any building sits on city property it has to be authorized through a resolution, which isn't the case with the trailer.

Sav-A-Pet says they'll continue to work out of the front office of the Dothan Animal Shelter.

Chief Powell tells News 4 everyone wanted to resolve the conflict.