Hartford Drug Round-Up

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Hartford Police went on a round-up of nearly one-dozen alleged drug dealers just after midnight and took the suspects into custody.

At around 2AM Friday morning, with the mercury hovering around freezing, Hartford Police served arrest warrants at the homes of the alleged drug dealers.

The arrests came as the result of a several month undercover investigation by the department, working on leads from concerned neighbors.

Authorities wanted to get the drug suppliers off the streets.

Chief Greg Adams of Hartford Police Department said they made, "Arrests in all sections of town; male and female, black and white. We concentrated on getting the street dealers."

In all, 10 of the 12 suspects were taken into custody within just the first two hours of the round-up.

Each officer was assigned a home of one of the reported dealers. They allegedly sold illegal drugs including crack, crystal meth, and even the improper distribution of prescription drugs.

Lt. Don White said, "The significance of the morning, the safety of the officers and suspects; we tried to make sure every one was safe."

Chief Adams added, "I get mail from residents asking for us to do something in cleaning up drugs in their neighborhoods."

And authorities say that they hope Friday’s arrests will lead to further investigations in surrounding Wiregrass cities.

Meantime, the 10 suspects were booked into the Geneva County Jail and charged with distribution of a controlled substance. They are each awaiting their first court appearance.