Chipley Drug Crackdown

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Several months of undercover drug buys' is netting big results in one northwest, Florida city.

Chipley Police Chief Kevin Crews describes the Fourth Street home as a "crack house". Following neighbor complaints, authorities conducted a sting operation targeting those selling and buying crack from the home. It has led to more than a half-dozen arrests.

Chief Crews said, "It goes a long way when you have concerned residents in those neighborhoods. Calls from neighbors in those areas; we have cleaned-up a lot over the last several years."

Recently, Marion Cool and his family moved to Fourth Street. He applauds the police department's efforts in stemming the flow of crack cocaine in his neighborhood. "I think police are doing an excellent job cleaning this crack. There’s too much of it being sold around here," he said.

It's much the same story for Bonnie Lollie. She often baby-sits her four-year-old granddaughter, Morgan. "It’s a good thing because there are a lot of kids around here. My granddaughter stays here with us," she said.

Chipley is like any other city in the Panhandle or Wiregrass. You do all you can, but you never really can't totally get rid of it.

"It is a never ending battle to rid the city of illegal drugs," said Chief Crews.

The arrests have also led to leads in several large drug investigations in nearby Panhandle cities.

Chipley Police say if it weren’t for the law-abiding citizens living in the affected neighborhoods, the drug investigation wouldn't have been possible.