News Abundance in Crenshaw County

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One Crenshaw County town is getting an abundance of news and it has become an ugly problem.

The town of Rutledge in Crenshaw County has seen issues of the Dothan Eagle littered along their roads for nearly a year.

The town of Rutledge has seen many issues of the Dothan Eagle Newspaper torn into strips and thrown on its roadside since April 2006, and they don't know where it's coming from.

"It rules out the possibility of it being recycled because it's current issues. We thought it might be a truck with recycled newspaper, but it's not. They're shredded so that kind of tells you that someone's doing this," says Rutledge Town Clerk, Rita Brown.

Officials say the littering typically happens on the weekends, but now, it has spread into areas that don't have roadside cleanup.

While officials don't have a motive for this, they say it's definitely not funny.

"I hope they'll catch whoever's dong this and put a stop to it because it’s really costing. Our town is small and it's really costing a lot of money," says Brown.

City leaders say the city has spent $1700 to $2000 dollars in just trash pickup.

For a population of 300, that's a lot of money out of the budget.

Pike County's Troy and Brundidge have also reported similar littering problems.

If you have any information regarding the illegal dumping, please call your local police department.