Last Minute Changes to Flying J

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Nearby residents fought to keep the truck-friendly gas station off their front door steps, but after months of work, Flying J was granted approval to begin construction.

Now, the Alabama Department of Transportation is calling for last minute changes that could once again create delays.

Right now, Flying J is planning to open its doors February 6th, however, they've recently been notified that a nearby guardrail and overhead highway sign have to be moved in order to open up one of the turn lanes.

Flying J is determined not to let this set back keep its doors from opening.

Flying J has been in the works for months, and now, the high-end gas station is almost ready to turn on the pumps. Throughout the past year, the gas station has had to make several changes to its plans to comply with city engineering requests.

Dothan Dir. Of Traffic Engineering Services Charles Metzger said, "During the planning phases of Flying J, City of Dothan engineers took into consideration the large amount of traffic that comes into this area and made accommodations to protect residents."

"The intersection is busy, about 60,000 cars and it can be a problem so we asked them to extend the turn lanes," said Don Givens, Dothan Flying J Project Manager.

Flying J construction crews abided by the cities request to extend the turn lanes, but after making the changes the State Department of Transportation called for yet another change. The extended turn lane connects with a guardrail that the state says has to be moved.

"Now, the guardrail has to move north and the sign has to move and we're redesigning support and the sign," said Metzger.

The changes to the plans have not been approved by the state, but when it comes to pass, construction officials say it will cost Flying J a lot of money. However, the Flying J project manager says regardless of where they are in the process, on February 6th, Flying J will open its doors.

When Flying J does open, the turn lane off of the circle will be closed to traffic. It will stay blocked off until all necessary changes are made to meet Alabama Department of Transportation regulations.

Flying J is still looking to fill positions.

For more information on employment opportunities, you can visit their website at