Movie Gallery

A new video store in the Wiregrass is changing the way people rent movies.

Is it a fast food restaurant, or maybe not your father's video store? Well, that's exactly what the folks at Movie Gallery want you to find out.

Their new "fast forward" video store is a first of its kind, and it's right here in the Circle City.

Like your favorite burger and fry joint, there's a place to take your order and a pick-up window for videos or DVDs.

You can find your favorite film with the click of a button and be out the door in less than a minute.

While the store has been only open about two weeks, store employees say people like the unique layout, which has the exact number of movies as a regular Movie Gallery store.

And customers agree with the convenience factor.

If the new concept takes off in Dothan, it could be “fast-forwarding” its way across the country.

Movie Gallery officials say the Dothan market is being used to test the new store.