Drug Suspect Trys to Carjack Vehicle but Stopped

A drug suspect was taken to a Dothan hospital after he allegedly tried to carjack a vehicle and crashed into a concrete wall.

Police say Jerry Allen Smith ran from a bail bondsman's office around 11:15 Wednesday morning.

He allegedly jumped into Wendy Isbell’s SUV in a parking lot.

She jumped out and the car backed into a parked car.

By that time, a bail bondsman had jumped inside the car and tried to subdue Smith.

As the two men struggled, the vehicle crashed into the parking lot wall.

"I started to get out, then he started to climb over in the driver's seat and he pushed me the rest of the way out. And then he started to back out and I was foolishly trying to hold my car in place. I reached in to try to get the keys and I couldn't and he just backed up way back there and hit that little car back there," said Isbell.

Smith was treated for minor injuries at a Dothan hospital.

He's being held without bond in the Houston County Jail and faces additional charges of robbery and theft in connection with Wednesday's incident.