Dothan Police Officer

A shakeup at the Dothan Police Department could put high-ranking law enforcement official in the unemployment line.

Dothan Police Chief John White says Captain Jim Smith has been placed on leave...but so far; he has not been fired or even suspended.

Captain Smith confirmed that he is on administrative leave with pay. But he declined further comment based on the advice of his attorney.

Sources tell News 4 this controversy revolves around four or five anonymous letters printed on a computer and sent to officials in Dothan and Houston County over the past month or so. Those letters are said to be “critical of Chief White and his administration.”

And, even though the letters were anonymous, the chief apparently feels he has reason to believe that Captain Smith is responsible for at least some of them.

Though still drawing pay for now, the captain has lost his city vehicle, cell-phone and pager he has retained an attorney.

If Chief White decides to go this route, a determination hearing would be held and Captain Smith would appear before the chief and a representative from the Dothan personnel office.

The captain would be advised of the allegations against him and the chief would then have three days to make up his mind.

If Captain Smith is fired, he can appeal the decision to the city personnel board and on to circuit court, if necessary. So far, a hearing has not been set.