Gen. Richard Cody Visit Ft. Rucker

The U.S Army's Vice-Chief of Staff General Richard Cody was at Fort Rucker Wednesday. He believes Fort Rucker's aviation training is pivotal for the success of the war.

Speaking to the media, General Cody says instead of focusing on the negative things associated with the war, Americans should appreciate the good that's coming out of it.

He says, the Iraqi government will have a better economy, and Iraqi children will receive a better education.

The general says posts like Fort Rucker will be directly affected by the U.S. surge in troops in Iraq.

“The impact to Army aviation means we have more brigade combat teams that we have to look at in terms of providing the right aviation balance and the right service support balance for these additional brigade combat teams,” said Gen. Cody.

By 2012 the Army hopes to have 575,000 soldiers fighting the war on terror; a war Cody believes will be a success.