Ozark's Airport Expansion Project Still Ongoing

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Ozark city leaders say a project that's been in the works for about 7 years is still going strong.

Last September News 4 told you about the city starting the 4th phase of its airport expansion project

Expanding Blackwell Field's Airport is set to make big improvements to the city.

The project is extending the runway to 5235 feet giving enough room to land corporate jets, something they can't do now.

City leaders predict a boom in business and residential growth with the completion.

It's taken seven years so far and last September the city of Ozark was told they would get help from the federal government to pay for its fourth of seven phases in their airport expansion.

Since then, construction has been going strong.

"It exposes the airport and the facility to almost all traffic that's coming in from the south, if they're not going on 231, if they're turning into town. It will expose and give the airport the exposure it's really needed all this time" says Billy Blackwell, Ozark City Clerk.

But more exposure to the airport is just one of the benefits the project includes.

Many of the nearby college students say they will also get a benefit.

"We got more room. A bigger runway means bigger buildings, more business, more job opportunities. It's just a great factor to have out here while we're at school" says Jesse Ebersole, EOCC Aviation Campus Student.

"We'll get to see all kinds of planes come in. Usually when they come in, we just watch them take off and watch them taxi and stuff like that. It's great. I love it." says Trey Martinez, EOCC Aviation Campus Student.

Along with extending the runway, the city will also be relocating Parker Drive.

That project is set to begin within a month.