Thieves Target Mini Storage Warehouses in Dothan

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Police say thieves have been targeting local mini storage warehouses, for the past week, and that they've gotten away clean each time. Now they're hoping the public can help in tracking these thieves down.

Police say the thieves stole thousands of dollars worth of property, and not only are they looking to catch the people behind these robberies, they're also warning people who have valuables locked up in storage to be vigilant, so that they don't become the next target.

Sgt. Stacy Robinson with the Dothan Police Department says, "The offenders are cutting or forcing the locks open at the customers storage locations, and in turn removing the contents."

Some of the stolen items include household goods such as lamps, as well as a large plasma screen T.V. and even a car.

Police say a total of five mini storage warehouses were robbed within a one week period. Some include the Denton Road Mini Warehouse, the “Store N Lok” on Zenith Road, and the Dothan Mini Warehouse on Hodgesville Road.

All of the robberies took place between January 15th and the 22nd. One storage facility was hit four times alone, leading police to believe that more than one person is involved.

"The amount of time that would have been spent transferring the property to their getaway vehicle, as well as the fact that the same places have been hit numerous times in a short span of time, leads us to believe that more than one person was involved," said Sgt. Robinson.

Some of the storage locations do have security cameras in and around the storage units, and the managers at those locations say once the videos are downloaded and copied, they will turn them over to police.

Police do say they have the description of a vehicle they believe was used by the thieves to flee each scene. That vehicle is described as being a white or light colored late model Chevrolet SUV.

Anyone with information is being asked to call police at (334) 615-3000 or Crimestoppers at (334) 793-7000.