Neighborhood Appeal

A developer asks the city of Dothan to overturn a wrong decision by the planning and development.

Pro-basketball player, Robb Dryden of Panama City, Florida’s Dryden contracting asked the development board to approve a preliminary plat of land to build his new sunset cove subdivision.

The subdivision would be located on Blackman Road in Dothan.

However, with a 5 to 4 vote the development board rejected the development.

In Tuesday's Commission Meeting, Dryden pleaded with city leaders to overturn that decision.

Dryden said, “I would like to ask city commissioners for approval for both the preliminary plat and development of Sunset Cove. Any further delay on either is an injustice and punishment on me and my company when we have met all zoning requirements legal and engineering requirements and exceeded many of them.”

Commissioners voted at Tuesday's meeting and approved Dryden’s preliminary plat.