Enterprise Facelift

The Baptist Hill section of Enterprise has historic significance in the African American community.

During reconstruction in the 1880's, former slaves were given land there to homestead.

Now, Baptist Hills are undergoing a major facelift. A half-million dollar federal grant, along with local monies is being used to replace water and sewer lines earmarked for the Baptist Hill Community.

Mayor Tim Alford says the work is long overdue and once the lines are replaced, then the streets will be resurfaced.

Rodney Broxton is a lifelong resident of Baptist Hill; he says elected officials have largely ignored the predominantly African American community. But, he's glad things are changing in that regard:

The affected six-street area will be closed to traffic during the day, but will be reopened in the evening only to people who live on those roads. Work in the Baptist Hill section of Enterprise is expected to last over the next six-months.

Once completed, residents are expected to see notable improvements in water, sewer and transportation.