People Going Out of Town for Gas

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Although gas prices have fallen in the past couple of days, gas stations in some surrounding Wiregrass towns are offering gas for almost a quarter less per gallon.

One gas station in Midland City has been having a steady flow of cars go through for the past several days. Some say they have the cheapest gas in the wiregrass, at a price of $1.88 per gallon, for regular grade fuel.

In Dothan the average price of gas is $2.11 which is about 23 cents more than the prices at gas station in the surrounding area. And even though traveling an extra four or five miles to get gas may be an inconvenience, those looking for the best price say it's worth it."

B.J. Helms, who drives from Dothan to Midland City to fill his tank says, "It doesn't make me angry at all because I come through here every day, anyway. So instead of filling up on the weekend, I wait until Monday to come up here and fill up."

"It really is out of my way, but it's just so much cheaper here in Midland City than it is in Dothan, that it really is worth the drive, especially if you have a big tank to fill," said Connie Darby, who also drives from Dothan to Midland City to gas up.

The bigger the tank is, the more a person is bound to save. For example, a standard sedan can hold close to 15 gallons. At a price of $2.11 per gallon, filling up can cost close to $32.00, but paying $1.88 per gallon, can save a person close to $4.00. And to fill up a standard SUV which can hold at least 20 gallons, paying $2.11 per gallon can cost about $42.00, where as paying just $1.88 per gallon cost about $38.00; a savings of almost $5.00.

In the end, getting the best price for gas is almost like shopping. If someone wants the cheapest gas prices, they're going to have to take their time and look around.

To find which gas stations in the wiregrass have the lowest gas prices click on “online extras.”