Globe Motors Job Transfers

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Globe Motors in Dothan has announced three of its manufacturing lines will be moving out of the country. This could affect dozens of people and will leave about a 5th of the plant's employees without jobs.

According to an announcement made by the company's president and CEO, the Industrial Motor line at the Dothan plant will soon be moving to Reynosa, Mexico.

Globe Motors made the announcement to their employees on January 9th saying that the move could begin as early as next week. However the line will be going down in four waves beginning with the IM-21's moving this quarter.

Then they're planning for the armature line to move during the second quarter and the 13 to 15 line and add-ons will then transfer in the third and fourth quarters.

The plant currently has about 250-employees.

A source from inside the corporation tells us this could affect up to 60 of its employees. This includes line workers, managers and engineers.

However, Globe Motors has stated that they will try to use the current workforce to fill those positions in Mexico.

According to the press release, the decision to move the IM line was made after a review of the current building's use and business conditions here in Dothan.

The move could take shorter or longer than expected, depending on progress.

Globe Motors has already begun the training process for its employees in Reynosa, Mexico.

Several of them will be spending the next few weeks and months working in the Dothan plant.