SAMC Senior Driving Courses

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Driving at an older age may pose safety concerns and a threat to other drivers. However, a course offered to senior citizens is changing that.

Staying up on the driving do's and don’ts is important for drivers of all ages.

To help make sure that senior citizens in the Wiregrass stay on top of their game, Southeast Alabama Medical Center is offering a driver's safety course, free of charge.

The two, half-day sessions are a way to help mature drivers refine their skills and develop safe driving techniques.

AARP Instructor Douglas Jacobs has been teaching the course for four years and says it's a great way for older drivers to refresh their memory.

“A lot of the elderly haven't had any driving updates since we took our first driving test, so it updates our driving skills, makes us more aware and more alert to the changes in traffic signals around us from day to day," explains Jacobs.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 6,512 people age 65 and older were killed in traffic crashes.

This represents 15 percent of all Americans killed on the road.

Jacobs says this is another reason a course like this is so important. “Most of the things that kill senior citizens is left hand turns and intersection right-aways, so I always try to emphasize that," he says.

Once participants complete the two-day course, they'll receive a certificate of completion.

The courses are offered as part of the Senior Discovery Program at Southeast Alabama Medical Center.

The center sponsors classes four times a year.

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