Annual K-9 Training in Dothan

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Law enforcement agents from across the state were in Dothan training to be dog handlers. It's part of the Dothan Police Department's annual K-9 Training Seminar.

It was the 11th year that dogs like Samy have gathered in Dothan to hone in on their skills.

Agents and K-9 units from 15-different police departments in the southeast region of the state are preparing for situations they'll encounter on the streets.

"If businesses are being burglarized, the dogs are actually the ones who go in and conduct a search of the structure or the residence, looking for the suspects that are inside," explains CPL W.E. Wozniak with the Dothan Police Department.

Then, the dogs are the ones who apprehend and detain the suspects and because of the type of situations they're involved in, it's necessary to have intense training.

"We have to maintain a certain level of proficiency,” says Wozniak. “Not only in training, but it has to transcend into the street also when we're actually out here in the real world conducting searches, not only for narcotics, but for people as well."

The dogs and their handlers will train every day this week for 10-hours a day.

They're working in two phases, patrol and apprehension, and drug detection.

In each phase, they work on their search and tracking abilities.

Officers handling the dogs emphasize that the dogs are not "attacking" suspects when they're at work.

They are under complete control and command and are doing exactly as they're told.