City School Board Meeting

The Houston County Commission approved a property tax referendum for Sept. 10.

The referendum on the property tax increase was approved Monday morning by the Houston County Commission. If the referendum passes, the money would help Dothan City Schools.

The vote will ask for a three million dollar property tax increase.

The special referendum will be held Sept. 10, and at the Dothan City School Board meeting, it was decided how the money will be spent.

Here are the details on expenditures for the three million dollar property tax increase.

First are fine arts. This will allow $450,000 to be used to restore the positions that were eliminated. Three elementary music teachers, three middle school choral teachers and three middle school art teachers.

Second, five elementary talent pool teachers. This will give each elementary school a full-time talent pool teacher.

Third, is capital outlay. This will give $300,000 for building improvements and equipment.

The last item is to increase the fund balance up to five million dollars. The state requires Dothan to have a fund balance of five million, but Dothan only has one million. This $395,000 will help Dothan to reach its goal.

With this plan, the total amount of money in the fund will increase to $1.395 million