Dothan Fugitive Caught in Tallahassee

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Mark Anthony Beecham is behind bars after quick action by the Tallahassee Violent Fugitive Task Force.

Federal Marshals in Tallahassee, Florida were tipped off that convicted sex offender Beecham was hiding out in the area and took action to make an arrest.

"That information led to an apartment near the FAMU campus and [under] surveillance, the suspect left the apartment and went to the car," said FL Deputy U.S. Marshal Scott Wilson.

Law enforcement offices followed the car to a nearby service station where they made the arrest.

Beecham had been staying at an apartment complex on the Florida A&M University campus for at least a week, leading police to think he may be responsible for a recent sexual battery complaint by a FAMU student.

FAMU Police Chief Calvin Ross said, "We have interest in interviewing in speaking with the suspect and are involved in the previous sexual assault."

The description given by the student of the suspect does match the description of Beecham. Campus police are working to see if they have enough information to link Beecham to that particular incident.

Federal Marshals are glad to see this case brought to a close.

"Anytime you have a wanted sex offender, it was at the top of the case load and we put every effort we had into finding Beecham," said Wilson.

Beecham is being kept in the Leon County Jail and has not been released on bond.

Beecham is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Headland as well as a Dothan woman. Both acts were violent and local police will have the chance to interview him after Tallahassee authorities have completed their investigations.

It was Dothan investigators who tipped Tallahassee authorities off that Beecham might be in their area.

That information is what led to Friday’s arrest.