Houston County Fees

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An upgraded high-tech system will help alleviate long-lines and reduce file folders in the Houston County License Division.

The new system will no doubt be more efficient, but make sure you have a few dollars with you before you go to get your tags, titles, conservation or business license.

In 1997, the state legislature passed a law to allow $3 dollars to be added to all transactions except drivers’ licenses.

So customers wouldn't have to pay much, the Houston County Commission just took in that cost.

Now however, the Probate Office wants to assume the responsibility and charge customers $3 dollars for certain transactions.

The extra cost will help the Probate Office continually upgrade equipment.

That equipment allows probate employees scan tags/titles and certain licenses into a computer system.

"It's just so much simpler. It's cleaner. If you come in and you've had a handicapped vehicle and they lost your title they don't have to go hunt that form, it's right there scanned. If you come in and say, 'I don't have my registration, but I don't know my number either,' we can pull up your name,” explains Cooley.

Cooley calls the move a, “Step ahead”.

The old way would cause for errors, long-lines, and overtime.

"It alleviates the time they get up from their desk and hunt and the time they (Probate Office employees) from having to get from desk to do filing in the evening," Cooley says.

The Houston County Commission has taken on the start-up cost, while the Probate Office will take care of maintenance fees.

The fees for tags and titles will go into effect next month and the conservation and business license customers will see the additional $3 dollars for all of their transaction in March.

There will be no charge for customers performing handicapped transactions.