Two of the Five Troy Missing Dogs Found

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Five pit bulls being stolen from a Troy home, two of those dogs have been recovered but are severely injured. They had apparently been used for dog fighting.

Crazy and Nasty are two of the five dogs stolen from a Troy home on Highway 29.

Police say both dogs have wounds that are consistent with dog fighting.

"This is horrible and cruel. I don't see how anyone can find this amusing, any sport or activity. This is cruelty. It's absolutely horrible. No one can imagine what these dogs go through and even in my worse fear of having they fought. I never imagine what I'd see when I found them," said Gail Moore, owner of Crazy and Nasty.

Local veterinarians say dogs that experience dog fighting suffer more than just external wounds. Some dogs become reserved or aggressive.

Moore says it was hard for her to identify her dog not just because of the blood covered face and malnourished body but also the broken spirit.

"He just came and sat beside me."

Crazy and Nasty were treated at the Troy Animal Clinic.

Owners are still pleading for anyone's help in locating her other three dogs, Tater, Chewy and Rosie.