Former Houston County Sheriff Deputy Appeal Bond

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A former Houston County Sheriff's deputy convicted of stealing more than $50,000 dollars worth of sporting goods remains behind bars.

Thursday afternoon, Ricky Ducker asked Judge Lawson Little to set a bond so he could get out of jail while he appeals his case.

However, after hearing from several witnesses, the judge denied the request.

In November, Ricky Ducker pleaded guilty to stealing merchandise from Southern Outdoor Sports where he worked part-time.

A week later, he wanted to withdraw his guilty plea. But after prosecutors threatened to show an incriminating video tape in court, Ducker agreed to the plea to avoid having that evidence exposed.

On Thursday, he was back in court again, trying to get out of jail. So, prosecutors rolled out the videotape. It is reportedly hidden camera footage of several women undressing to get into a tanning bed at Ducker's home.

Henry/Houston County DA Doug Valeska said, "We offered this to show Little he is a danger by showing the tape. She said she didn’t' authorize it and she is a victim."

Dothan Police recovered $30,000 dollars of the stolen merchandise, but Ducker still owes the store more than $20,000 dollars.

"The message is the judge denied appeal and he knows Ducker was convicted and the victims' got justice," said Valeska.

Ducker will be taken to Kilby State Correctional Facility immediately. That was supposed to happen last November, but was not carried out by then-Sheriff Lamar Glover.

The new sheriff, Andy Hughes says it will be taken care of immediately. "The transport order was previously filed, but for some reason it wasn't complied with and we have to comply with court orders," he explained.

Ducker will continue serving his 20-year sentence, pending his appeal.

No charges will be filed against Ducker for the hidden video tapes at this time.

Prosecutors say the victims are ready to move on and do not want their names released.