Houston County Officials Seek Pay Hike

Two Houston County officials could soon get a pay hike.

Houston County commissioners will vote Monday on a resolution asking the state legislature to increase the pay of commission chairman Mark Culver and Coroner Robert Byrd.

Culver's salary would jump from $67,000 a year to $78,000. Byrd would get a 33 percent pay raise from his current $12,000 annually up to $18,000.

Culver says a survey of salaries paid to county officials across Alabama revealed Houston County paid less than other counties of similar size and even some smaller counties.

Houston Co. Commission Chairman Mark Culver said, "For the coroner for example, he currently makes $12,000. Most coroners in the state are paid more than that. You know Montgomery has a medical director that makes over $100,000. But when you have a coroner in Wilcox County making almost 28,000 two times, two and a half times what ours is, it’s just not right."

The Houston County sheriff's job was also included in the survey, but newly elected Sheriff Andy Hughes opted not to seek a pay raise at this time.