911 Centers Merging

The 911 center in Dothan and the one used by the Houston County Sheriff's Office will soon be under one roof.

Authorities say a unified center using a new technology upgrade will help make emergency response run a lot smoother.

Officials with the Dothan/Houston County enhanced 911 Advisory Committee, say the new dispatch center will allow authorities to work closer together and work faster in responding to emergency calls.

City and county officials are also upgrading their computer aided dispatch systems to allow officers to access important data at any time during the day.

"That info will be available on a 24 hour, seven day basis. Where as now there are some down times in the evenings, where the system needs to be backed up, and that leaves gaps where an officer may not be able to retrieve information," said Chief John Powell.

The CAD System upgrade will cost close to $400,000 and it should be up and running in about a month.