Grocery Store Murder Update

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An Ozark man, who was run over in a grocery store parking lot on Saturday, was laid to rest on Tuesday.

Dothan Police have released new evidence about the driver responsible.

Tabitha Farmer has already been charged with murder.

Farmer's presence can still be felt driving down South Saint Andrews Street.

Look towards your left and you see the concrete and wood bench police say her car plowed into last Saturday.

Dothan Police questioned her for more than half an hour after the accident, even gave her a sobriety test, which she passed.

Minutes later, Farmer made her way to what was the old Bruno’s, where witnesses saw her car run over 60-year-old shopper Larry Downing.

He died later at an area hospital.

Farmer has been charged with murder, but now, police say she faces a charge of endangering a child. She had her daughter in the car and marijuana in her system.

"Because her 2-year-old girl was in the vehicle with her when this incident occurred, as an adult she is responsible for the welfare of that child and she placed that child's life in jeopardy," said Dothan Police Chief John Powell.

Given what cops have now released, the question is could Downing's death been prevented, had police apprehended Farmer in the first place? Police say there was nothing to arrest her for.

"The three officers were on the scene at the traffic stop. The on-call officers and a couple of back-up officers said there was nothing that indicated to them she was impaired," continued Powell.

Whether she was smoking marijuana around her daughter is still under investigation, but police say Farmer was fully aware of what happened.

"She appeared upset, nervous when she was arrested. She was explained the charges and she understood them,” said Sgt. Tim Ward with the Dothan Police Department.

There is more to this story, and possibly more charges. It is believed that she had more chemical substances in her system, but that is still under investigation.

Farmer has bonded out of jail on the murder charge, but has turned herself in on the child endangerment charge.

She sits in the Houston County Jail under a $3,000 dollar bond.