Public Nuisance Properties

Since August, the city of Dothan has made an effort to clear dozens of public nuisance properties.

However, one resident says they're not addressing her neighborhood soon enough and now, her entire family is fighting severe allergies.

Annette Floyd has lived in her home off Saunders Road for decades and she says this is the worst her neighborhood has ever looked because of the properties around her home.

"It's awful. I can't stay out in my yard very long because of the allergies. The people come out there and park all night. They've killed deer before and throw it out here in front of my yard; put trash out," said Floyd.

An ordinance has been in effect for the city of Dothan to clean declared public nuisance properties, but it's only been enforced since August.

Each quarter since then, the commission has approved at least a dozen properties to be cleaned starting with the least maintained.

District 3 Commissioner Paul Lee said, "We've had some success this past year in lots throughout the city, in particular District 3 with empty lots that have grown knee-high to head-high."

However, for homeowners like Annette, the city can't clean her neighborhood soon enough. "I think the breathing and everything would be better down here. My kids have allergies down here; if they go out in the yard, it's terrible,” she says. “I hope and pray they can do something.”

Any time the city cleans declared public nuisance properties, all charges for the process are then placed on the property owner's tax bill.

To begin the process of declaring properties a public nuisance, contact the City of Dothan at 615-3126.