Proposed Changes to Utility Ordinance

Dothan Utilities customers could soon see a change in the business' customer service policy. Even more interesting, you could get your deposit money back.

These are just two things that would happen if the city goes through with proposed changes to its utility ordinance.

City Manager Mike West introduced the changes in Tuesday’s commission meeting.

He also mentioned having the city provide return envelopes with your utility bill, and waiving the $2 dollar credit card transaction fee for bill-paying.

The city would perform a credit or background check instead of requiring a deposit from future customers and the city would grant payment extensions to those who qualify.

"We're hoping to have somewhat more of a customer-friendly approach. But also taking seriously the need for people to pay their bills on time and be fair to us," said West.

The city will hold a public hearing for feedback on the topic. They plan to schedule it within the next couple of weeks.