New Crime Scene Response Units for Southeast AL

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Hughes officially took the role as sheriff on Monday, but he didn't waste any time jumping in the swing of things.

Henry County is the first of 10 southeast Alabama counties to receive a $20,000 dollar Crime Scene Response Unit for its law enforcement agencies.

“Henry County has gotten equipment they never would have the money for. We don't have the revenue, so Homeland Security grant money really enhanced our police departments and fire departments. It's given us an ability for us to work with equipment we normally would never get," says Paul Brown, director of the Henry County Emergency Management Agency.

The unit comes from a $160,000 dollar grant from the Department of Homeland Security.

The grant money comes from last year's unused dollars.

It's filtered through local emergency management agencies to be used by law enforcements.

Leaders from the Alabama Department of Homeland Security Region Two are responsible for bringing the units to the area, giving Southeast Alabama top-grade equipment.

Law enforcement officials say having all of the equipment in one place will not only be convenient, but it should also enhance operations.

"It's definitely going to benefit the law enforcement community because it gives you one vehicle to store all the equipment in, instead of having the equipment stored in different places and trying to piece stuff together during an investment. You have a one shop stop. You have this trailer to pull it to your crime scene. You've got every piece of equipment you need to effectively process the crime scene and a place to sit down in the trailer to process evidence also," says Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes.

No specific agency will own the unit.

Leaders say it can also be used by local EMA and fire departments upon request.

All 10 counties should have their response unit by the end of February.

One 7’X18’ Enclosed Cargo Trailer
2--Twin Flood Lights and Heavy Duty Stands
3--Clamp Lights
4--Cordless Spot Lights- light box type w/ AC/DC Chargers
6-100’ Extension Cords 12/3
2--Folding Saw Horse
1--Generator 6000 rated watts minimum gas type
1--10’x10’ Canopies- s4elf supporting- Folding
1--Cordless Combo Kits
2--Farm Jacks 3 ton- 5 ton minimum
1--Aluminum Floor Jacks- 3 ton
2--9 ¾ Pry Bars
1--18 : Bolt Cutters
1--4 pc Adjustable Wrenches
1--Chisel Set 4 pc Cold Steel
1--Steel Pipe Wrench Set 12: 18: 24:
1--200 lbs Minimum Magnetic Retriever
1--8 lb Sledge Hammer
1--5 pc Min. Ball Peen Hammer Set-Diff Sizes
1--65 pc. Min. Socket S3/8 Drive Std. And Mtr.
1--22 pc Min Screwdriver Set (40 pc)
1--600’ Spool of rope 3/8 Braided Rope (poly)
1--16” Min Chainsaw-gas powered w/chain
1--16”: Nominal Spade Shovel
1--Round Point Shovels
1--Square Point Shovel
1—16tine forged bow rake
1--Pick Mallet
1--London Brick trowel
1--Utility knife 4:
2--6 x 8 Tarps- Plastic
3--8 x 10 Tarps- Plastic
2--10 x12 Tarps- Plastic
3--Dust Particle Mask- 50 ct boxes
2--Five Gallon Safety Type Metal Gas Can
1--Digital Camera- 3 mega pixel minimum
25--Traffic Cones- 36” with reflective material
5--Barricades- 6; Plastic, A-frame with 2 cross mem/reflect
5--Barrier Tape “Caution”
5--Barrier Tape “Police Line”
1 pk Evidence Bags—various sizes, paper and plastic (100 per bag)
1--Photo Number Marking Kit
1--Major Crime Scene Print Kit
1--Fiber Optic Viewer
1--Pole Camera w/ monitor
3--Digital Recorders- battery powered, voice type
2--Ultraviolet Light- crime scene inspection
1--halogen Tool 30”
1--Gas Powered Exhaust Fan- for ventilating enclosed spaces- with duct
1--5v 3 Cell Battery Packs
1--12VDC 500 ma Reg. Power Supply
1--TFT Color Monitor