Historic Dixie Depot Restoration

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The Dixie Depot is a historic site, and city officials are hoping money from a federal grant will help bring the area back to life.

It’s been five years in the making, but engineer’s finally unveiled new designs for the Dixie Depot at Dothan’s city commission meeting.

Dothan's Public Works Director Jerry Corbin says designing the site for the new depot building was a team effort.

“It was through the efforts of John Shemell of the Wiregrass Transit Authority and members of our staff, that we were able to get over a million dollars for the restoration of the building,” said Corbin.

The city will receive $1.12 million in federal funding for the restoration project.

The money is a direct earmark from Senator Richard Shelby and is administered under the federal transit authority.

The City of Dothan bought the depot from CSX back in 1989 and still the present owners of the building.

In order to receive the federal grant money, the city of Dothan must provide matching funds totaling $40,000.

Corbin said, “The city of Dothan owns that building, so the value of the building, and the external paint job done of the tank, which is adjacent to that building, all that value goes toward to city's matching share for the grant money."

The Wiregrass Transit Authority runs the transit system for the city of Dothan and once the depot is renovated, the building will become the central office for operations.

City Manager Mike West feels this project is very necessary for the downtown area.

"I think this building important to the renew the city, but to maintain part of its history,” said West

In addition to preserving the history of the city, the new depot will become a focal point for transit systems throughout the region.

In addition to becoming the central operations office for the Wiregrass Transit Authority, the new building will also provide much-needed office space.

The Dixie Depot restoration includes bathroom upgrades, conference rooms, and an elevator.