Jerome Court Fire Tagged as Arson

Dothan firefighters say they believe an early morning fire last week is the result of arson.

News 4 reports a house fire on Jerome Court in Dothan that completely gutted the back of the house and severely damaged its front.

It took 40 minutes for firefighters to douse the blaze, which fire marshals now conclude as arson.

Authorities say they've come to that conclusion because the fire began in multiple areas around the house.

“It's pretty easy to determine an origin of a fire based on the burn patterns and the amount of damage. Then we had rooms away from the fire that were also burned in one case a door was shut with no fire in it only one area had burned,” said Capt. Danny Aplin of Dothan Fire Dept.

Fire investigators have spoken with the homeowners.

Arson alone can carry with it a 20-year sentence.