Fiery Train Derailment Near Louisville Causes Evacuations

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SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Several CSX train cars derailed in a fiery heap today south of Louisville, Kentucky, shutting down an 18 mile section of Interstate 65 and forcing evacuations of nearby homes, businesses and a school.

A CSX spokesman said the train from Alabama was carrying hazardous materials and the blaze produced a massive column of black smoke in the mostly rural area. Television footage showed several blazing cars stacked across the rail lines and flaming liquid flowing down ditches from the mangled tanker cars.

There were no immediate reports of injuries from the wreck that
occurred about 7:50 a.m. CST.

CSX spokesman Gary Sease said the train consisted of four locomotives and 80 cars headed from Birmingham to Louisville. He said at least three cars carried liquid propane gas and 41 cars were loaded with freight and the rest were empty.

Sease said authorities didn't yet know what caused the derailment.

It was the second fiery train crash in Kentucky in the last two days.

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