Alabama School Tax

A proposed new state law being sought by the Alabama Education Association would require local governments to support public schools with at least 20 mils of property tax.

That’s a level currently not reached in 98 of Alabama’s 128 school systems.

If a local government failed to reach the 20 mil threshold, it would risk losing state funds for K-through-12 schools.

Legislation, currently being drafted, would phase in the 20 mil standard over three to five years.

State law currently requires local governments to support schools with at least the equivalent amount of money produced by 10 mils in property taxes. If not, they do not receive state school funds.

All 128 systems meet the 10 mil standard.

The law change would produce about $150 million a year for schools. That's the amount that is needed for K-through-12 next year to make sure more than 5,000 teachers and support employees don't lose their jobs.