Search Continues for Missing Newton Man

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Search crews have been combing parts of eastern Kentucky for days, hoping to find a missing man from Newton, Alabama. The 19-year-old and his family were headed home from West Virginia when he disappeared during an overnight stop.

Authorities say his disappearance seems suspicious, but family members are sure he's just confused and trying to find his way home.

Matthew Dobbs’ family has spent the past week traveling through six states and posting fliers hoping to find him.

Matthew was last seen in Pikeville, Kentucky, walking from the motel he and his wife Tara were staying in the motel his father was at with a 17-year-old female companion.

That was 12:45 last Sunday morning. More than a week later he still hasn't been heard from.

"When he left he was drinking and his dad had given him some pills and stuff, muscle relaxes, and Matthew gets lost really easy. He's already had a concussion where he hit his head. The doctor had said if he did it again that he could forget who he was. He may not know where he is. He could be anywhere," said Tara.

Authorities fear something worse.

Matthew's Family members say the Pikeville Police Department are conducting more of a recovery effort than a search and rescue operation.

"Matthew's disappearance is being investigated by authorities in Pike County, Kentucky. When I contacted them for an update or more information, they wished to release nothing except to say they hope to find Matthew soon."

They're questioning convenience store clerks and searching truck stops for any sign of where he's been or where he's headed.

Tara said, "We think maybe he would have gotten a ride with truck drivers because he knows he can get far with truckers on long hauls and stuff, but nothing has turned up. We've had friends on CB's and stuff, but no one has heard anything."

Matthew was last seen wearing blue jeans and a black zip-up jacket with a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt underneath.

He's a white male with brown hair and a small mustache. He stands about 5 feet, 10 inches tall and has a tattoo with the initials MD on his right arm.

Those close to Matthew say he gets confused very easily and that he is very shy by nature. They also believe he could be very terrified by this ordeal.

Anyone has information on his whereabouts should call local authorities.