Target Still Searching for Employees

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More than 600 people lined up Thursday hoping to be chosen to fill one of the 200 job openings. The new Target store is going to positively benefit Dothan and its residents.

You can't drive down Highway 231 without noticing the massive structure soon to be Target.

Target is on schedule to open its doors in March, and is now searching for employees to fill job openings.

"We are expecting to have 250 jobs and hopefully we'll have 75 percent of that filled," said Dothan Target Store Manager Jason Lentz.

Residents from Dothan and beyond showed up for the first day of a three day mass hire. Applications and interviews weren't held until 9AM Thursday morning, but that didn't stop some from lining up to ensure they would get their chance at a job.

"I got here at 6:00 because I knew the lines would be long because jobs are scarce and Target will help our future," said Billy Williams of Columbia.

"I came at 7:00. I figured I would be first and I'm looking forward to working at Target and having a future," said April Raines.

Target is expected to be a positive boost to the Dothan economy.

Human Resource Director Dylan Penny said, "This is a big deal for Dothan because Target provides opportunities for employment and helps the community."

Target's doors are set to open up March 11th.

An interesting fact about this Target: within its facilities lies a Starbucks coffee shop. So, if you are interested in manning a cappuccino machine or baking up danishes you can also apply for those positions during the mass hire.

Target is still searching for employees.

If you are interested in applying you can visit them at the Alfred Saliba Center in Dothan Friday from 9AM until 7PM or Saturday from 9AM until 5PM.