40th Anniversary of JFK's Assassination

John F Kennedy

Friday marks the 40th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination in Dallas. And the world is remembering in a variety of ways.

Jack Valenti, now president of the Motion Picture Association of America, was an aide to then-Vice President Lyndon Johnson and was riding six cars back in the president's motorcade. Valenti says he still relives the horror. He says a poem captures something of that terrible day. It reads in part, "the ceremony of innocence is drowned."

The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas is opening a special exhibit of Jacques Lowe's pictures. He was the personal photographer for John and Robert Kennedy. More than 40,000 of Lowe's negatives were in vaults at the World Trade Center in New York and were destroyed on 9-11. Luckily, he had saved contact sheets in his Manhattan studio.

In Pittsburgh, an Andy Warhol exhibit of Jackie Kennedy portraits will be displayed as part of the museum's newest exhibit about the president's slaying.