Methadone Clinic

The doctor who wants to open a methadone clinic in Houston County is offering charitable support in return for a little cooperation from public officials.

Dr. Henry Born told News 4 he's ready to donate money to any non-profit groups that can convince Dothan's Mayor and Houston County's Commission Chairman to meet with him.

But News 4's Wayne May reports the mayor and county commission chairman are not interested.

Born said he's identified 65 people in the Wiregrass area who would use his clinic if it's allowed to open. He said some of those people are single parents who get children up in the middle of the night so they can make a 200-mile round trip to Montgomery for methadone treatment there and get back in time for school. He's offering a $1,000 to any charity that convinces Dothan Mayor Chester Sowell to take that trip with one of his patients.

Born is also offering $1,000 to any non-profit group that convinces County Commission Chairman Mark Culver to visit Oxford near Anniston, where he's operated a clinic for years.

Sowell declined to comment. Culver said he's only representing the people of the Bay Springs Community who don't want the clinic. He said they're the ones Born really has to convince. The doctor's working on it.

A public hearing on Born's clinic in Houston County is set for Sept. 17 in Montgomery. Officials have set aside three days to review the case.