Dothan Teens Memorial

The family of a murdered Dothan teen-ager makes a plea for help three years after the girl's death.

Tracie Hawlett's family attended a memorial service for their daughter and JB Beasley at the site where the girls’ bodies were found in Ozark.

Thursday afternoon nearly 20 people gathered on Herring Avenue in Ozark to remember Tracie and JB.

The murders shocked almost everyone in the Wiregrass. Carol Roberts, Tracie's mom, said someone out there has to know something.

Tracie's family said not a day goes by that they don't think about their daughter.

Ozark Police continue to investigate this case daily. They have interviewed more than 1,000 people and have compared DNA found at the crime scene to more than 100 possible matches.

But, so far, they do not have any significant leads. The Ozark police found the girls three years ago on Aug. 1.

They were in the trunk of JB Beasley's car and had been killed execution style.

Ozark's police chief said one day they will find the killer. Over the years police have followed leads that have taken them all over the country.

If anyone has information, they are asked to call their local police department.