Fayette County Student Faces Sentencing For Weapons

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. (AP) - An honors student at Whitewater High School in Fayette County has been sentenced to two years in state custody for taking weapons to school on the first day of classes.

Superior Court Judge Tommy Hankinson sentenced 17-year-old Robin Christopher Kittrell yesterday to spend up to six months in a state probation boot camp and then two years in a probation detention center. He ordered Kittrell to spend about eight years on probation.

Kittrell pleaded guilty in November to six felony and three misdemeanor weapons violations stemming from the weapons in his car. He has been home schooled since his release on 150,000 dollars bond in October.

Sheriff's deputies, acting on a tip, arrested Kittrell August seventh after searching his car and finding weapons and ammunition. Authorities say they found NO evidence that he planned to do anything at school with the weapons.

Fayette County school admininstrators investigated the way the matter was handled after learning that officials at Whitewater High had been tipped off during the summer that Kittrell carried weapons in his car but took no action until the first day of class.

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