Main Street to Receive Much Needed Repaving

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You’ve probably driven on Main Street in Dothan and noticed the bumps in the road. City officials say the problem comes from potholes and old age.

"It's in horrible shape. It's probably five years overdue. It's time for that to be redone it's a very rough ride, it's dangerous," says Dothan Mayor Pat Thomas.

Now, city commissioners have approved plans prepared by the Alabama Department of Transportation to resurface the areas of Main Street between Ross Clark Circle.

"The road volume and the conditions of the road have become deteriorated. We've been talking to ALDOT about getting it done and they've been trying to budget it for quite some time," says City Traffic Engineer Charles Metzger.

The move will be a huge headache for drivers and cause delays, maybe even detours.

However, leaders say the temporary headache will be worth the time it took to get the repaving project going. Plans were derailed after ALDOT couldn't provide the funds.

"The price of asphalt; when they state bid their projects last year they had to curtail some of their projects. Unfortunately in the minds of many, there are other projects in the region that had priority over us. We may not agree with that, but we do know the price of oil spiked," says Dothan City Manager Mike West.

The projected timeline for the project to begin is in March of this year.

On average, 25,000 cars travel that route daily, and those cars will possibly have to face driving in one lane.