Pike County Soon to Have Transportation System

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The city of Troy has received the green light on implementing a county-wide transportation system.

The Alabama Department of Transportation has issued a grant for the city of Troy, Brundidge, and the Pike County Commission is looking to join together for a county-wide transportation system.

Under the program, leaders hope to use current buses, add new jobs and save money.

Leaders behind this project say the transportation program is a way to bring together all the cities and municipalities within Pike County.

"Overall, it will be a cheaper program for the whole county because, for example, instead of having a nutrition program that provides transportation in Brundidge and in Troy, we'll combine all those efforts so your idle time for transportation is less. So, you're using the vehicle and the people more efficiently," explained Troy City Clerk Alton Starling.

The grant money will be used to start the transportation system.

However, officials are still not sure of the details behind the project.

The transportation system isn't like a normal shuttle bus stop. They won't have specific routes to run in order to take away cab fares.

What it will be is through contracts or people calling to schedule a ride.

Project leaders believe the system will mostly benefit Pike County's seniors. They say it will make it easier for them to make doctor appointments.

In all, leaders expect the system to draw Pike County communities together.

"This is an opportunity for us to cooperate with the cities of Troy and Brundidge. When your government works well together, then the citizens benefit from that. That's certainly a good and positive thing," said Pike County Administrator Harry Sanders.

The system should be fully running by this summer.

If businesses within the county already have bus transportation and decide to contract with the county transportation, project leaders say no jobs would be lost.

The drivers will just report to county officials instead of the business management.

The county will also take care of maintenance.

Program leaders say it will create about seven new jobs.

Pike County officials say the combined transportation system will also help encourage future job growth in the county.