Alfred Saliba Holding Second Job Fair for Target Job Openings

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Dothan's new Target store will begin round two of its hiring process. Last month, applicants were interviewed for team leader positions, and now they are looking for team members.

Only eight weeks until Target's grand opening and the next step toward progress is bringing in employees.

"It's going to affect the majority of the population because a lot of people are qualified for these positions," said David Duke of Alfred Saliba Family Services Center.

In this second phase of hiring, applicants can choose from jobs ranging from sales to human resources.

The store also needs cart attendants, pharmacy technicians, cashiers and Starbuck's employees and a variety of others who are enthusiastic about their job.

"We believe in quality of life, we believe that you should enjoy coming to work and you should get satisfaction from your job and that when you show up, you know you're accomplishing something and that you mean something to the company you're with," said Exec. Team Leader Holly Fulford.

Store officials welcome experience, but don't expect to hire employees from other stores. Instead, they say they're simply looking for "the best and the brightest" and hope to find them in the next few days.

Exec. Team Leader Cristen Etheredge said, “As far as the type of questions, a lot of them will be situation-based. We'll ask how they were to respond if a particular scenario were to arise and look at how they've handled situations in the past to kind of get a feel for how they would perform in a job environment."

The fair will be held at the Alfred Saliba Family Services Center on Dusy Street.

The center is prepared for up to 3,000 people to walk through its doors.

The job fair takes place Thursday, January 11th and Friday, January 12th from 9AM until 7PM, and then again on Saturday January 13th from 8AM until 5PM.

Those offered a job could begin work as early as next week.

For more information call 712-0090.