Dothan West Side Construction

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The Dothan Pavilion is going up on Dothan’s north side and a Flying J on the south side. However for the most part, the rest of the city has paused on development until now.

The city's latest construction plans are for another restaurant. This time, it's going in on the south-southwest side of town and that's not the only thing to look forward to.

A Bojangles will be going in on the corner of Forter Street and Ross Clark Circle and it's one of many new developments expected on that site in the near future.

Commissioner Jason Rudd of District said, "The Fortner Street area has lacked any kind of restaurant in a long, long time. So we're pleased to add some type of variety to that side of town."

The trees have been cleared and the area has looked construction-ready for years.

Along with Bojangles, there are plans for a strip mall and one other out-parcel.

However, that's not the only thing popping up in the area. One of Dothan's largest development projects is adding its next phase.

Target is nearly complete, construction has started on what is planned to be a Kohl's store and Dick's Sporting Goods.

Several other retail stores are planned to go in that same center.

However in the meantime, it seems Dothan will soon be growing out, rather than up with even more plans for the south-southwest corridor.

There is about 53,000 square feet of shopping area still available for building behind Bojangles.

City officials say by the end of the project, another cross-over median will be added on the circle in front of the center, but there will be no additional traffic light.

Most of these projects do not have a set date for completion. The only confirmed deadline is for Flying J, which will be completed next month.