Sen. Richard Shelby in Circle City

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby says he won't vote on a minimum wage increase, unless small businesses receive better incentives.

Shelby spoke at a Dothan-area chamber of commerce breakfast Monday.

Although each state maintains its own minimum wage law, Alabama currently doesn't have one.

When asked if Alabama should have one, Shelby said he believes it would only be counter-productive and hurt small businesses.

“If we do something drastic with the minimum wage, you're going to put some people out of work. Now, I believe they (Democrats) are going to push for minimum wage, for it to pass through its going to have to have some concessions for small businesses,” said Sen. Shelby.

Shelby didn't go into what those concessions are.

But did say he would vote mandated minimum wage laws, if they came with a "good package" for businesses.