Blakely Fire Dept. Received Homeland Security Grant

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The Blakely Fire Department has been awarded nearly half a million dollars in grant money. The money will ease taxpayers’ pockets and save firefighters’ lives.

A brand new fire engine red truck but you won't see it near anyone’s house fighting fires. However, what you will see is Blakely firefighters learning how to calm a blaze.

“[We] have a simulator for a stove, a bed, and you'll have an operating room and you'll be able to set up a training scenario like the living rooms on fire," said Chief Kenneth Jones.

This type of mobile fire trainer is the first of its kind in the area and at a cost of $330,000 it'll be used to train other area departments as well.

Before, the firefighters would have to drive all the way to Forsyth, Georgia.

Chief Jones says, "You can set it to rekindle and you'll have a control room to set the flames and you can preset it so once you put the fire out you can actually have it flare back or stay out"

Blakely Fire Department officials were absolutely crucial they got the new mobile unit because they had to continually put their fire fighters lives in danger.

"In order for us to train we have to go out and acquire a structure and when we're able to do so, we'll burn it until we can't do it anymore training on it, and really those type of structures are not as safe," said Chief Jones.

They'll be adding the truck to their fleet of nine in two months.

The money was awarded through competitive Homeland Security assistance to firefighters grant.

The new truck will also drop the town’s insurance rates.