Mixon Elementary School Gymnasium

Students at Mixon Elementary School in Ozark have a brand new, state of the art gym to play and learn in.

The new Mixon Elementary physical education cost about one and a half million dollars to construct.

The gym includes one full length basketball court and four additional smaller courts, as well as a rock climbing area. The floor of the new gym is rubber based making it safer in case kids fall.

The schools principal says they've needed a gym like this for almost 40 years.

Mixon Elem. Principal Roslyn Mikado says, "Prior to this gym opening, we've had P.E. in a little basement room which was not conducive to physical education and activities... but with creative teaching we've been able to make do. And now 40 years later we have this wonderful gym for the students of Mixon School."

The gym will have its official opening Monday at six, and students will begin using it Tuesday.