Troy King Investigating Dothan Petition

After conducting the swearing in ceremony for sheriff elect Hughes, Alabama attorney general Troy King took some time to comment on some of the prevalent issues on the forefront of Dothan’s city politics.

One of those issues is the petition asking for a vote to change the city's form of government.

City officials are questioning some of the wording in the petition, and are asking General King's office to review the legality of the document.

General King says his office is working hard to issue a legal decision as quick as possible.

"We're not verifying the signatures that are on the petition, we're answering the underlying legal questions. And we're in the process of researching and answering those questions so that we can issue an opinion with our findings as soon as we can," said King.

In the meantime, Dothan city officials continue to verify each petition signature until a legal opinion is issued by General King's office.