Houston County Sheriff Elect Andy Hughes, Takes Oath of Office

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After taking his oath of office, sheriff elect Andy Hughes promised to serve Houston County to the best of his ability. Hughes says the road to victory was long and hard, especially after he had to quit his job as a police officer in order to legally run in the sheriff's race.

"That was very hard for me and my family to go without a paycheck for three and a half months. Now we're back here today and it's more joyous and I'm looking forward to serving the citizens of Houston County," said Hughes.

Hughes also took the time to thank his family for all the support they gave him and his father who he says helped motivate him to run for sheriff.

But he could not conclude the formalities of his swearing in ceremony without introducing his new chief deputy, Don Valenza. Valenza has been with the Houston County Sheriff's Office for 27 years and served in several roles, but never as the second in command. Valenza says he is excited about his new job and looks forward to once again working side by side with Hughes.

"I knew Andy when we worked in narcotics together, and I saw him work through the ranks as a dispatcher. And I knew his father and there is not enough that you can say about his father," said Valenza.

There were many law enforcement officials here on hand to welcome Andy Hughes as the next Houston County sheriff, but one person one person who was not here was the current sheriff of Houston County, Lamar Glover.

Andy Hughes will take office at midnight on January 15th.