Dothan Man Gets Busted For Possession of Hydrocodone

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Dothan Police have arrested a man they say was preparing to distribute a popular prescription drug, for recreational use.

Police say 37-year old Michael Sean Allmon has been selling the powerful and addictive prescription drug, hydrocodone, to the public for several months. When police arrested Allmon on Wednesday night, they say they found him with $1,000 worth of drug money.

Dothan Police Chief, John Powell says, "We think that he was selling narcotics and we think the money we confiscated came from the sale of those narcotics."

Hydrocodone is one of the main ingredients in many mainstream pain medications, and medical experts agree that the drug is rapidly gaining popularity among recreational drug users.

“It can cause a basic sense of euphoria and basically give an individual the feeling of a high. And it's relatively cheap on the streets. I've heard reports of as little as two dollars for a tab, as opposed to a higher demand for more illicit drugs," said Dr. Thomas Barkley, an internist at the Southeast Alabama Medical Center.

But the amount of hydrocodone that Allmon was found with was not cheap at all. Police say all 1,700 pills were worth in excess of $10,000 on the streets. Police say they are not sure where the drugs came from but they do say Allmon did confess to robbing Jacks Discount Drug Store located on honeysuckle road, and the Scott-Cook Pharmacy on Westgate Parkway.

Allmon is now charged with possession of a controlled substance, and police say he may also face burglary charges as well. He is currently being held on a $10,000 bond.