Future Road Changes for Busy Intersection

The intersections of Brannon Stand Road and Murphy Mill could soon undergo a new change. The change should ensure that drivers get where they want without having to wait too long.

Houston County leaders will vote next week whether traffic lights will go up at the intersection of Murphy Mill and Brannon Stand Road. Turn lanes will also be added.

"The intersection will be widened, obviously to address that turn lane and hopefully it'll be able to disperse that traffic in an efficient manner," said Mark Culver, Houston Co. Commission Chairman.

Three years ago, a four way stop was added to the area to address all of the accidents that occurred there.

Three years later, the stoplights must be added to address the traffic problem of about 15,000 cars a day

Houston Co. Road and Bridge Dept. Engineer Justin Barfield said Thursday, "The traffic out there with the Wal-Mart and the new Target along with all the housing developments and homes, the traffic is becoming unbearable."

All together, there will be 11 lights telling drivers to go, stop or turn at the intersection.

Although there is discussion concerning additional roads leading to the new pavilion, this won't be one of them.

The project will begin in April and completed within three months

Brannon Stand has become such a busy road in the past year, in the future, the intersections of Fortner Street and Brannon Stand Road will have lights and turn lanes added, along with the intersection of Trawick Road and Brannon Stand.